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BAM Digimab - Service Engineers fully digital integrated

"Our engineers are always on the move and we need to have a 24/7 connection with them. So mobile connectivity is very important for BAM Infra Rail. We cannot afford any interruptions, overlaps or paper processes. Everything has to be mobile and processes have to run fully integrated. With the use of mobile solutions our engineers and back office act as a one team on real time base. Our new solution is called BAM Digimab”

Wouter van der Helm / Business Unit Manager BAM Infra Rail

The implementation of a mobile solution simplified and shortened processes within BAM Infra Rail. With the goal to optimize its IBM Maximo asset management application by integrating mobility and use it to its strategic advantage BAM Rail has chosen Movilizer as its mobile enterprise platform. LAMA Consultancy B.V. was chosen as business partner based on their specific knowledge on IBM Maximo and mobile solutions.

Digimab goals.

“We wanted a modern and easy-to-use solution which would further improve accessibility and transparency of information within asset management. That’s why we searched for solutions that we could offer via mobile devices,” says Wouter van der Helm.

The new mobile solution should be easily scalable and future-proof, while offering agile opportunities to integrate future mobile developments quickly and easily. The option to integrate other back-end systems for other BAM business units should be available as well.

For BAM Infra Rail, the ideal mobile solution had to fulfil four important criteria to be able to support their mission-critical asset management process: flexibility, data security, performance and stability. BAM Infra Rail has been able to develop a solution that meets these criteria to the fullest extend.

The solution.

BAM Infra consulted LAMA and chose Honeywell Movilizer. LAMA connected IBM Maximo and Movilizer using the LAMadapter connector and fully integrated into the back-end without the need for new infrastructure investment. Data transmission can be controlled and monitored within IBM Maximo, with communication between the back-end and the mobile devices being encrypted and end-to-end. The app is available online and offline and immediate data synchronization makes sure that the system is always up-to-date.

The result.

In clear simple words: all mission-critical processes in field service are now mobile supported and are stored digitally for compliancy.

About BAM Infra Rail:

BAM Infra Rail is a customer-driven organization that offers added value to its clients with its broad expertise and innovative methods. Our integral and collaborative approach to Rail infrastructure assignments enables us to always provide our customers with the best solution. BAM Infra Rail is known for the quality and reliability of its products and services as well as the commitment, knowledge and experience of its employees. http://www.baminfra.nl/rail

About Honeywell Movilizer:

Honeywell Movilizer is the Cloud for Field Operations that drives enterprise profitability at large manufacturing and services companies, by empowering you to deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field. Unlike other competitors, who are providing silo solutions, the Movilizer Cloud connects and orchestrates field operations actors with each other even across company boundaries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTBhFfgHurs

About LAMA:

"We believe simplicity is the key to success." Our long-standing expertise in asset management and mobile solutions offers our customers real added value. We are proud certified partner for both IBM Maximo and Honeywell Movilizer. LAMA works customer oriented and pragmatic. We can help you to meet your challenges and turn these into concrete improvements and solutions. http://www.lama-consultancy.nl

Just send a message to find out what we can do for you: toon.rutgers@lama-groep.nl

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