• Marko Hardeman

LAMA speaking at Tilburg University Conference

Thursday 14th of June LAMA will join the the practitioners round-table session of the Tilburg Temporary Organizations Conference (TTOC). The TTOC is organized by the Department of Organization Studies at Tilburg University. The TTOC will be held from June 14 to June 15, 2018 in Tilburg. Main aim of this conference is to facilitate and intensify dialogue between practitioners and the two research traditions on this topic that jointly can generate insights in ways in which temporary organizations (TOs) deal with task complexity and environmental dynamics. For the conference between 30 and 40 papers will be selected for presentation.

During the practioners round-tabel session LAMA will present a case about their TO experiences from one of their projects. What approach was taken and what outcomes did it gave. After the presentation there will be time to discuss the case more in dept.

The conference starts on the morning of June 14, the attendance is free. Here you can register to join the conference.

See you there!

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