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IBM Maximo Work Centers: What's in it for me?

What's is all about: Maximo Work Centers? Are the just more fancy Start Centers, or is there more to them?

Since version Maximo offers Work Centers. Initially I also thought: what's the buzz, just a little bit more fancy start centers. But when I looked into them, there is a lot of new feature and usage to them. In Maximo the work center functionality is expanded.

Maximo Work Center Business Analyst

First of all, data of various data sets can be combined into a work center. So not only 'fixes' result sets from Maximo data, but also data from external sources. In the standard IBM provides with Maximo, data from the weather company is included and in Maximo Asset Health insights asset data from external sources (sensors, scada, ..) is available. In the above picture in the standard Business Analyst work center, data of various sources is shown as an example.

The second aspect makes it even more attractive: action to a specific business role can be added to a work center. Work Orders for example, can not only be shown, but also actions can be defined. For example Approve work orders is added to the Supervisor Work Center. So work centers present business process driving screens, that guide users through their data and processes in a natural/modern way.

The last aspect I want to express is the mobile oriented look-and-feel. Although the application only works on-line, it got the look-and-feel of a mobile application. Even with a lot of data it works fine and smooth. In the example is de work execution work center, where mechanics for example can start/stop work orders and add the required feedback on them. A very nice feature is the ability to add pictures! This feature uses the camera of the device to take pictures and add them.

In the end the latest IBM Maximo Work Center functionality gives Maximo a new edge by additional functionality and usability on mobiles.

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