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LAMAiot in practice: iTalks MCS 1608 sensor

LAMA IoT joined the MCS IoT seminar to learn all in-and-outs of the ITalks MCS 1608 Full LoRa Sensor. This sensor is an all-in-one solution to give your IoT project a boost. By it's affordable price and it's rich functionality the sensor can not only be used to get a Proof-of-Concept up-and-running in no-time, but also build production IoT solutions. The ITalks MCS 1608 Full LoRa Sensor is used in a wide range of applications.

"Pretty unique what the 1608 is capable of" - [“Best uniek, wat ie kan, die 1608” ]

In order to get IoT projects up-and running LAMA developed the LAMA cloud to enable IoT projects by collecting & processing data, providing an user-interface with basic analytics and integrations to back-office solutions (like IBM Maximo) and BI tools. Data sources can be sensors and track-and-trace devices, but the LAMAcloud is also capable of monitoring you IBM Maximo application and supporting IT platforms.

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