• Laurens Molenkamp

LAMA empowerz IoT: launch of the LAMAcloud

LAMA empoyerz your Internet of Things (IoT) project with LAMAcloud.

LAMAcloud is a fully stacked platform to:

  • Collect LAMACloud collects the measurements in a bigdata platform and perform basic pre-processing. Data types can be numbers, floats, gps-data, boolean and images. Examples of sensors: door open/close, temperature, engine revs, acceleration. LAMACloud supports both push- and pull-sensors.

  • Process LAMACloud processes measurements into valuable business data rules will be applied. Rules can be straight forward like threshold and alarms based on single values. Also more complex rules can be composed to join measurement values from multiple sensors/assets.

  • Present LAMACloud presents the processed data on apps and dashboards fully geared to your process, in order to give you full control over your assets and business processes.

  • Deliver To utilize the new IoT advantages LAMAcloud offer an API connector to integrate into your existing business application.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how LAMACloud and LAMA services can contribute to your asset performance.



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