• Marko Hardeman

LAMA @ Experience connected 2018

November is the time for the yearly Honeywell conference. What previous was called the Movilizer day’s is momentarily the Honeywell Experience Connected.

Not only the roadmap of the Movilizer platform is presented and demonstrated. Also the latest technologies which Honeywell offers are shown like hologram glasses, smart connected wearables including voice for hands free work order handling. Further more all kinds of safety equipment which can help to work safe while location, hart beat rate, body temperature and lifted kilograms are measured. Ready to become a connected worker.

Next Honeywell focusses heavily on Process, Asset, People for the connected plant by combining their experiences from the last decades in hard- and software into smarter work places. Both in work force and logistics.

Want to know more? Drop a message and we’ll contact you right away. LAMA Empowerz.

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