• Laurens Molenkamp

IBM Maximo 7.6.1 Full Speed ahead!

IBM released Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1 recently with new many enhancements, new functionality and an new look-and-feel.

After comprehensive evaluations LAMA and it's customers where impressed and implemented Maximo 7.6.1 at several customer implementations.

We are especially very surprised by the enormous speed gain that IBM has realized in Maximo. Since Maximo installations managed by LAMA are monitored 24/7 on application speed and availability, we can compare previous 7.6.0.x implementations with the latest versions of Maximo, based on facts. With the most recent we realized an application that was no less than 20 times faster than the 7.6.0.x implementation!

The amount of enhancements is very long and can be found on the IBM site (read more) are in almost every area, for example:

- Technical (installation procedures and supported platforms)

- Analytics (Dashboarding, Cognos integration)

- Work Center functionality

- Work Orders and Service Requests.


LAMA is a long standing IBM Maximo partner (since 2006). Our experts are skilled asset management and Maximo consultants. We provide consultancy (technical, application, business) and project management (Scrum) services to empower your business.

Interested in upgrading your IBM Maximo implementation please contact us.

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