• Marko Hardeman

Daily Inspections with Maximo Work Centers

One of our customers which performs quite a lot of inspections on a daily base asked if the new Work Centers in Maximo could be an advantage to their current way of conduction these inspections. Currently their inspections are already completely digital with a minimum of configuration within Maximo and Honeywell Movilizer for mobile handling. But the sound of the potential of Maximo Work Centers made them curious.

So we did a pitch from which some aspects I would like to show you here as well.

What are the new Work Centers?

Basically it is a new look and feel for the Maximo functionality. Devided by several roles like supervisor, technician and analyst. But also other useful new functionalities like the inspection creation and handling parts.

For now the level of configuration is quite low, however IBM is working hard on this according the roadmap below.

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